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Asclepius, with his staff entwined by a serpent, bowl, rooster, and dog in hand, is the god of medicine and health in Greek mythology. Asclepieion refers to the health centers established in ancient times with the aim of healing patients. One of the most famous health centers in Anatolia is the Pergamon (Bergama) Asclepieion, which was founded in the 4th century BC. The center, including the Temple and Sacred Area of Asclepius, attracted not only the people of Pergamon but also visitors seeking healing from various parts of the Aegean world.

Due to health problems, all ancient societies showed interest in Asclepius, highlighting the importance given to him and the mythology surrounding him through coins.

The use of the snake as a symbol of medicine first appeared in history among the Sumerians. Here, the symbol consists of two intertwined snakes, one male and one female, wrapped around a staff. This motif, representing the tree of life and youth, has been used for thousands of years as a protective and healing symbol in images and reliefs, both as a staff-snake or two intertwined snakes, and has been the symbol of medicine since the cult of Asclepius.

The Asclepius Vase featured in the "Coin Collection" of Talking Coins is inspired by the snake coins promoting health from the city of Bergama. The vase depicts two intertwined snakes, symbolizing protection and healing, used as a medical symbol. Figures adapted onto glass from Roman Imperial Period coins depicting the Health God Asclepius are featured on the vase. On one side, the bust of the Roman Emperor Young Commodus, along with his name and titles, is depicted alongside the Health and Healing God Asclepius and his daughter Hygieia. On the other side, the laurel wreath-adorned bust of the Roman Emperor Commodus, along with his name and titles, is depicted with Asclepius seated on a throne, feeding a snake from a bowl held in his right hand.

The Asclepius Vase is handcrafted from amber-colored glass, and all the patterns on the artwork are decorated using handmade craftsmanship with 24-carat gold leaf gilding.

The production of the Asclepius Vase is limited to 2000 pieces..

Diameter : 12 cm

Height: 30cm

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