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Pitchers; They are thin-necked, wide-bellied, lidded and handled containers for holding liquids such as water and sherbet. As well as being used for washing hands and faces in Ottoman culture, different forms were also used in the service of liquid drinks such as sherbet in mansions, especially in the palace cuisine. The motifs on the Gülçehre Ewer were created by interpreting the patterns on a 19th century coffee pot in the Topkapı Palace Museum. The coffee pot was gifted to the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad by Abdulhamid II. Later, by Fahrettin Pasha, it was taken from the Arabian Peninsula and brought to Istanbul and included in the Ottoman treasury.

Gülçehre Pitchers is produced from handmade glass, all the relief patterns on it are decorated by hand using 24-carat gold gilding and glass paint.

Width: 20 cm Height: 40 cm

It is 100% handmade.

Product Origin: Turkey

Cleaning Recommendation : Wipe with a dry cloth.

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