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Fig is one of the miracles of the Mother Nature. With incomparable flavor of its fruit, it has been rewarding to humanity for thousands of years. It has always been considered the symbol of affluence and plentifulness.

In the ancient Greek Civilization, crowns which were made of fig leaf were worn on the heads with the honor as the symbol of fertility. Giving fig leaf as a gift had always been regarded as a way of honoring someone for centuries. Fig had such great importance for human being that it had been mentioned as the Fruit of Heaven in sacred sources.

Siddharta Guatama was also said to have formed the basics of Buddhism while he was sitting under a fig tree, which in a way inspired him.

Old Testament, which often mentiones about fig, is full of imageries and metaphors inspired by fig. Sitting under the shade of a fig tree or tasting the fruit of a fig tree meant the existence of peaceful and tranquil life.

The Jewish people, even currently, eat a fig as a traditional food at the celebration of their Passover Festival, and it is also being mentioned in the Bible as the fruit which is grown in Heaven and as being a sacred fruit, fig is thought to be necessary food of New Year Celebrations.

It is also said that Prophet Mohammed had a saying about fig: If I were given a chance, I would like to take fig tree with me to paradise.

Even tough fig is known to have been grown during Sumerian and ancient Egyptia Era, Anatolian lands is regarded as the homeland of fig.The historian Heredotus, in a praise worthy way, mentioned about excellent fig which grew in Anatolia in 484 B.C. ‘Ficus Carica’ , which is the name of fig in science of botanic, was originated from an ancient site ‘ Caria ‘ in the Aegean Region. Fig, in the next years, spread to Middle East, India ,China and California/USA through Anatolia and got a widespread fame all over the world.

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Tariş Tralles Gold Organic Dried Fig 500g

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Tariş Tralles Gold Organic Dried Fig 500g 


Dear Customers, due to insufficient harvest in the year 2023, TARİŞ ORGANIC GOLD SMYRNA EXTRA DRIED FIG product may not be available for sale or may be offered in very limited quantities. As an alternative to this product, you can choose the non-organic version, TARİŞ SILVER SMYRNA EXTRA DRIED FIG, which has the same flavor and quality. It is a unique flavor grown in the fertile lands of AYDIN, TURKEY. 

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