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Diameter : 24 cm

"UNTIMELY While time is defined as a certain period of time for all objects in the universe to change their position relative to each other during their movements, the subject of time and measurement in social life has been given great importance since ancient times. People living in ancient times defined time and direction to a large extent by observing the sun. However, the basic central concept in the time-society relationship has been the measurement of time. The concept of time has been one of the fields of interest of philosophy throughout history, as well as one of the important fields of mathematics and physics studies. The subject of time-space is one of the topics that have been discussed throughout history in the fields of belief, philosophy and science and that has various views in line with the understanding of the universe. Many forms of measurement have been developed to grasp time. Sunstone Object According to the Aztecs, all events affecting mankind were divided into four epochs and the "Sun". The Aztecs described their time as the newest of the five ages, considering it the "Fifth Solar Age". They believed that the previous four eras had ended by natural causes, such as the flood, or by catastrophes triggered by wars between the gods. The symbols surrounding the middle panel of the Great Aztec Calendar Stone and the depiction in its center have been the subject of many studies. The first ring in the interior depicts the twenty signs corresponding to the twenty days of the Aztec month. The four panels surrounding the middle face are considered to be glyphs representing the past four ages and the "water, wind, earthquakes-storms and jaguar" disasters that ended these ages. The Sunstone Object was inspired by the motifs on the Aztec Calendar Stone, which was unearthed during excavations in Mexico in 1790. The face of Aztec Sun God Tonaiuth is depicted in the middle of the stone, which is exhibited in the National Anthropology Museum of Mexico today. All of the relief patterns on the Sunstone Object were decorated by hand using gold gilding and antiquated paints.

Diameter : 24 cm


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