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Reliefs of the Bergama Zeus Altar (Altar) were found during the excavations carried out under the direction of German engineer Carl Humann at the Bergama ruins in the Bergama district of İzmir province in 1877-1878. The Pergamon Altar of Zeus was transported to Germany by ships from the Ottoman Empire and placed in the Berlin State Museum. This magnificent altar, which was restored in the museum, taken to Russia during the Second World War and returned to Germany after the war, gave the museum its name. It was seen that Humann made misleading correspondence with the Ottoman Government about taking the altar to Germany. Pergamon Altar of Zeus, also known as Zeus Altar, was built by the King of Pergamon in BC. It is a victory monument built between 165 - 156 to immortalize their victories against the Galatians (Celts). This monument is dedicated to Zeus, the chief god in Greek mythology, and his daughter, Athena, the goddess of war and reason. On the reliefs on the marble altar, the masterful "Battle of the Giants" is described. The Battle of the Giants Object recreates the dramatic scene in which Zeus is positioned in the center, which has an important place among the reliefs of the Altar of Zeus. In this battle scene between Zeus and the Giants, the characters are engraved on different layers of glass in a chronological pattern. Depictions of defeated giants are positioned behind, and Zeus, who will be victorious in all his glory, is positioned in front. The Pergamon Altar of Zeus is exhibited in Pergamon Museum in Germany today. In our country, only the foundations of the Zeus Altar remained in the Pergamon acropolis. All of the relief patterns on the Giants War Object are decorated using gold and antiquated paints. The pedestal is made of beige marble. Production quantity is limited to 2,000
Width: 10 cm
Length: 25.5 cm
Height: 18 cm

It is 100% handmade.
Product Origin : Turkey
Cleaning Recommendation : Wipe with a dry cloth

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