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Gray Pistachio Muska

A delicious flavor that comes from the combination of our fruit pulp obtained from Gaziantep's local grape molasses and Gray Pistachio Amulet, Gray Pistachio Amulet is specially harvested between July and August every year and is known as the best of pistachio. This type of harvest is also known as the first harvest. It is a special type of pistachio with its dark green color and delicious taste. Our fruit pulp is obtained from the special grape molasses of Gaziantep region and is a beautiful flavor with its naturalness and freshness. The freshness of the fruit pulp and the clarity of the layers determine the quality of the pulp. It takes its shape by wrapping the special gray pistachios in the pestil prepared in the most natural ways in the form of an amulet. Grape pulp is a healthy food source and strengthens the immune system. Boz Antep Pistachio Muska flavor and quality in Gaziantep local products with different weight options. 
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