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Gray Pistachio Powder

Gray Pistachio Powder, which is used in all kinds of baklava and desserts, is obtained by grinding Gray Pistachio, which is specially harvested between July and August every year and known as the best pistachio. This type of harvest is also called the first harvest. These products, collected 1 month before the normal harvest of pistachios, are among the most valuable of pistachios. Gray Pistachio Powder, which is a special type of pistachio with its dark green color and delicious taste, is preferred in baklava, ice cream, halva and many kinds of desserts and cakes. The most famous product of Gaziantep, Boz Pistachio Powder, is produced with additive-free and the most natural ways for you, our valued customers. You can use our gray pistachios, which are ground by grinding the pistachios into powder, however you want.

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