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Fresh Pistachios

Fresh Pistachios grown in Gaziantep The most natural, fresh and high quality pistachios obtained from pistachio trees take their name from the soil they grow and are the unprocessed dry form of pistachios. When the fruits at the ends of the branches of the pistachio trees ripen, they fall under the tree. And the fruits that dry under the tree are gathered. For this reason, this peanut variety is also called Under Tree Pistachio in Gaziantep region. Raw Pistachio, also known as fresh pistachio, is one of the most delicious pistachio varieties. It is made ready to be sent to our customers in the most suitable packaging form without any processing. Pistachio is one of the most popular nuts with its delicious taste. Pistachios are a good source of antioxidants, give energy and strengthen the immune system. Pistachio, which is consumed fondly as a nut, is also used in baklava, chocolate, ice cream and various desserts and cakes. We prepare the best quality pistachio, one of the most important local flavors, for you. You can choose our other pistachio varieties as well as browse our different local products.

How to Open Fresh Pistachios?

The general feature of Raw Pistachio, also known as Under Tree Pistachio, is that its mouth is highly open as it ripens and falls on its own, as well as being delicious. However, the most practical method to open raw pistachios is to use Pistachio Pliers. If you do not have such a pistachio cracking pliers, you can buy this product online in the Pistachio Varieties category.

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