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B.C. The Assyrians, who have lived in the north of Mesopotamia since 2500 BC, have been a very warlike people. The Assyrians gained resilience due to the cold and mountainous climates they lived in, and developed as warriors thanks to the wild animals they had to protect. Thus, they easily besieged the cities, as they used their war vehicles well. They used the cuneiform script they learned from the Sumerians and left various monumental structures.

Assyrian Vase, BC. Inspired by a relief from 716-713 showing the transport of Lebanon cedar to the Assyrian capital Dur Sharrukin. The work is exhibited in the Louvre Museum in France.

The Asur Vase is made of handmade glass, and the relief patterns on it are all hand-decorated using gold gilding and antiquated paints.

Production quantity is limited to 2,000.

Diameter : 15 cm Height : 23.5 cm It is

100% handmade.

Product Origin : Turkey

Cleaning Suggestion: Wipe with a dry cloth.

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