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We attach great importance to the presence of women in all areas of life. The more a woman touches life, especially the more her participation in economic activities; life and our economy are getting stronger and richer. This is exactly why I desire the increase of entrepreneurial women. Because; We need a transformation towards becoming an entrepreneurial, competitive and powerful country.

We mobilize the technology power of Turkish Food for women who are the guarantee of social development. In order to strengthen the place of women in business life, we cooperate with housewives to offer you handcrafted products produced by them without any profit. All income of your shopping from the entrepreneurial women category will be transferred to them.

Hand Made Pencil Box

Dimensions 30 Cm

It is knitted with organic threads.

Personalize your gift. Knit your name, intials or brith date. (Maximum 10 cracter)

With the order, the average production time is 5 working days. It will be shipped after 5 business days.

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