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Produced from fresh tea leaves grown in the fertile soil of the Black Sea and in rainy climate, Çaykur Atınbaş Çay offers you the taste of genuine tea with its bittersweet taste left on the palate. Even if it is used very little with its intense aroma, it provides a long-term use by providing the opportunity to brew a tea with sufficient consistency. Çaykur Atınbaş Çay, which is enjoyed by tea lovers with its unique smell and taste, is a candidate to take its place in the head corner of your homes as an indispensable part of your family conversations. It is produced from the top parts of tea leaves that are worth gold. In order to make your tea more delicious, you should choose tea brewing water specially and do not brew tea without boiling it completely.

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Stefan 03/01/2022

Best Turkish Tea

Best Black Tea

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