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Since the Neolithic Period in Anatolia, pots, tools and figurines in various forms and features have been made from terracotta materials. Masks constitute an important group among these figurines. Masks, which evoke a sense of secrecy in people, have been diversified over time by using different materials, terracotta, fiber, ivory, bone, feather, leather, paper and horn. It is known that in ancient times, masks were used for purposes such as warding off evil, protecting against diseases and symbolizing gods. Neolithic masks were made in different ways according to their functions. Among these, it was thought that the examples made without leaving mouth and eye spaces, when hung on a wall or anything, protect the place where they are hung and give that place confidence. The Mask series, which carries traces of the ancient period, is presented as meaningful gifts that take you on an intercultural journey with Paşabahçe Mağazaları's mastery and modern approach. “Mask” products are produced for decorative use. It is recommended to clean the product by wiping it with a damp cloth.

"Width : 12.5 cm Height : 27 cm "

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