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Butterfly Walnut

Our walnuts, which are obtained in the healthiest conditions in our country, preserve their freshness and naturalness and are called butterfly walnut kernels because they are broken into two pieces and take the shape of a butterfly. Our walnut kernels are obtained by separating the best quality walnuts from their shells and preparing them in grains. You can consume walnuts as a plain snack or use it in many areas from cakes to meals. Walnut, which is indispensable for cakes, desserts, snacks, drinks and various dishes, gives the best taste to everything it contains. Walnut is one of the most important nutrients that has existed for centuries. It is rich in folic acid and vitamin E. It is heart friendly and contains omega 3 fatty acids. It ensures the regular functioning of the digestive system and strengthens the immune system. You can choose our Butterfly Walnut Options or you can order from other types of nuts.

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