raw material is sesame, and it is obtained by grinding 100% sesame after cleaning, considering some criteria (color, appearance, taste and smell, brix, oil ratio, source of sesame). Tahini from sesame contains 50–60% fat, 26% high-value protein, and especially amino acids that contain tryptophan and sulfur, which are very limited in foods. Due to the B vitamins it contains, it is considered as a food item that is at least as valuable as meat and milk. It is easily digestible and has high nutritional value. 600 Gr. Glass Jar, 350 Gr. Glass Jar Tahini; As a fatty nutrient, it has many functions such as providing energy in the work of the body, carrying the fat-soluble vitamins, delaying the feeling of hunger by reducing the emptying time of the stomach and ensuring the absorption of essential fatty acids into the body. It is not easily spoiled, does not hurt, its composition is ideal in terms of fatty acids and does not contain cholesterol. After the package is opened, it can be kept in the refrigerator for 6 months with the mouth closed at +4 ° C. their life is 2 years.
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