Adıyaman Handmade Çiğköfte Wrap - Plain Cut- Pack of 8


New Generation Raw Meatballs Kenan Usta® Meatless raw meatballs are as delicious as raw meatballs containing meat. Its formula and flavor secret belongs to Kenan Usta. It is produced with special simit, homemade tomato paste, mixture and spices specific to Adıyaman region. It is kneaded every 3 hours. New Generation Raw Meat Kenan Usta® the Turkish Food Assurance from Adiyaman / Turkey to all over the World are delivered in 3 days.

Plain Cut Wrap

“Plain Cut” New Generation Raw Meatballs is the rolled version of meatless raw meatballs prepared by Kenan Usta®.It comes in a sliced form without garnish and a special sauce. It is served sprinkled with pistachios. Each wrap is 4-5 slices. A serving is 100 grams on average. It is sold in packs of 4 and 8. By the Turkish Food Assurance Adiyaman / Turkey from all over the World are delivered in 3 days.

  • Lavaş Breads are produced in the local bakeries of Adıyaman and sent in accordance with the amount of Raw Meatballs.

  • Pickles and Peppers are produced exclusively for the Adıyaman region.

  • It is shipped in special vacuum packages. It is preserved for 7 days, does not contain any preservatives.

Portion Pickle Pickled Pepper
Pack of 4 - 2-3 Person for 2-3 Person Mix Pickle for 2-3 Person Pickled Pepper
Pack of 8 - 4-6 Person for 4-6 Person Mix Pickle for 4-6 Person Pickled Pepper

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