The decorative flower decoration of the "Tarsus Mosaic", dated to the first half of the 3rd century AD, which was found in Tarsus and exhibited in the Antakya Archeology Museum, is depicted on the Badge Box.

Antakya mosaics were built between the beginning of the 2nd century and the 6th century as flooring of churches, private residences and baths, and most of them were unearthed in the excavations around Antakya, Harbiye and Çevlik. Antakya mosaics, which are a continuation of the Hellenistic art tradition with their technical superiority, decorative and naturalist effects, provide information about the cultural habits and artistic taste of the society at the time they were made.

The Rosette Box is made of hand-made glass, the glass surface on which the patterns are applied is covered with 24 carat gold gilding, mosaic texture is applied to the gold-plated surface, and each mosaic piece is hand painted with a special glass paint. Handmade colored glass, mosaic patterned box.

Its production is limited to 2000 pieces.

Width: 15 cm

Height: 10 cm

It is 100% handmade.

Product Origin: Turkey

Cleaning Suggestion: Wipe with a dry cloth. "

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