"An anti-aging cure for a younger eye contour" 

Firming; Improves skin’s elasticity and helps skin tightening by  supporting collagen production of the skin. 

Deeply moisturizer; Prevents your skin from losing hydrate, its  protective layer keeps your skin moisturized for a long time. 

With its innovative formula prepared with rose water, LuxyBio  Youthful + Eye Serum nourishes the eye contour which fatigued due  to air pollution, tiredness and age-related factors. Helps eye to  capture youth glow.

Its formula containing the building blocks of the skin, the peptide  complex, deeply nourishes your skin for a healthy look. Moisturizes  and gives a fresh look to sensitive skin on the eye contour.

Hyaluronic acid provides the energy required by skin and offers a  shiny look. Its unique moisturizing ability reduces fine lines  associated with loss of skin moisture.




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