• Nourishing and smoothing, 
  • Balanced sebum against Acne 
  • Purifies pores with its anti-bacterial properties.
  • Intense Moisturiser
  • Purifying against environmental factors and stress.


LuxyBio Rose Water is produced from roses of the Isparta,  Turkey with a 100% purity, has a unique smell, grand quality  and synergy of organic roses. Only the handpicked best Rosa  Damascena is distilled with natural and pure mountain water  using traditional methods in the copper alembics. The acquired  natural rose water is bottled without extracting its rich valued  oil. LuxyBio Rose Water purifies your skin from pollutants and  traces of makeup and also helps to tighten pores. Soothes and moisturizes your skin deeply. Nourish with its vitamins and  minerals, and provides a healthier looking skin.








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