Red lentil cultivation is carried out in Southeastern Anatolia. It is grown in Gaziantep, Barak, Şanlıurfa, Viranşehir, Nusaybin, Diyarbakır, Bismil, Mardin, Kızıltepe, Ceylanpınar and Siverek. Kızıltepe lentils are valuable than crops grown in other regions. The collected red lentils are processed, peeled from the peel and polished with sunflower oil.The rate of fat should not exceed 3%. Unlike other legumes in red lentils, the grains are hard and cooked late in their new crop. For this reason, it is necessary to consume the old crop for a while. While buying lentils, white, diseased, perforated, damaged and defeated grains should not be present. Red lentils have local specialties. In some products of the region, there is an insect, the grains do not melt and are cooked late. Lentil grains should be intact, whole, well dried and dampness should not exceed 14.5%. The rate of foreign matter, broken grain, under-grater is 0.5% at most. The amount of broken grain should not exceed 3%. In some factories, water is given to lentils in order to obtain benefits during peeling and polishing, and broken pieces are not removed during processing, as in rice. Such lentils are sold at a low price. When lentils are taken, no insect is seen. However, it can be bugged after it is taken. For this reason, the region is important in lentils.
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