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Wrapped Pastry with Pistachio: made of one roll of phyllo. 90% of it is pistachio. Its syrup is slightly less than that of classic baklawa. It will be specially cooked in the oven at 170 degrees. Shelf Life (keep in a cool and dry place): 10 Days Ingredients: Granulated powder, pistachio kernels, potable water, wheat flour, plain butter, wheat starch, egg and common salt.

How To Eat Baklava? 

The quality of baklava can be verified by testing through our five senses. Visual testing: A high-quality baklava manifests itself just at the beginning of its placement in the tray on the display. Good baklava tends to have a golden yellow colour. Old masters call it the colour of a “24-carat gold piece”.

In addition, baklava should look attractive and arouse your appetite. If there is high amount of syrup accumulating in the empty spaces of the tray, this may indicate that excessive amount of syrup was applied to baklava to add to its weight. Balanced amount of syrup should be used in the baklava to avoid both a heavy weight and taste.

Auditory testing: Good baklava gives out a crunch noise when pushed into by fork. This indicates that the filo pastry was rolled in thin sheets and baklava was cooked well.

The thinner the pastry sheet, the better the baklava. Olfactory testing: When baklava is brought near the mouth, it should give out a sweet smell of creamery butter as well as walnut or pistachio used as base.

Above all, good baklava should be prepared base materials. Gustatory and tactile testing: What distinguishes good baklava with high-quality from the bad one is primarily the moment of eating. Good baklava dissolves in the mouth, leaves a unique aroma in the palate, and is also digestion-friendly.


The shelf life of Baklava is 15 days as long as you keep it in a cool and dry place.

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